Knowing that Thanksgiving is one of the most emotionally mobilizing event. How can astrology help us to work our bonds, and thus be more grateful and recognize our achievements and those of our loved ones? On Thursday November 28 (thanksgiving) the moon will be in the sign of Capricorn. From Astrological Coaching, we have to learn from this Moon in Capricorn?: The excessive demand generates stress and anxiety. A demanding person constantly seeks perfection, typical of the moon in this sign. Not getting it creates dissatisfaction, a toxic emotion that leads to unhappiness. Also, they are often susceptible and sensitive to criticism, whether constructive or destructive. For example, they can’t stand someone telling them how to do things. The origin of this intransigence is usually associated with a problem of self-esteem unless accepted as one is. The first step will, therefore, be to learn to respect us, that is, to love us as we are, with our virtues and flaws. To allow demand to become a problem, priorities and aspirations will have to be rethought. Instead of pursuing perfection, one should be aware of its limitations and also become aware of the limitations of others. Many people project their demands on others causing emotional problems. Some parents frustrate the happiness of their children by continually demanding that they be perfect. This creates a potential sense of guilt and insecurity in children as their parents make them feel that they never meet expectations and feel unable, moreover, to do so. Turning the demand into compromise is what this Full Moon invites us to connect. Commitment: It is the free acceptance of a task. Acquire an obligation of the action to be carried out. For there to be a commitment, there needs to be knowledge. In other words, we cannot be committed to doing anything if we do not know the aspects of that commitment, that is, the obligations it entails. However, a person is considered to be truly committed to a project when acting to achieve goals above what is expected. In a family, for example, there are different degrees of commitment, depending on the role that each person occupies within the group. Parents have an obligation not only to provide their children with the material means to survive, but also spiritual, that is, they must accompany them, support them, converse them, play with them. On the other hand, they commit to their partner with whom they must have a relationship of mutual respect, enliven love and take care of all aspects of the relationship, go for a walk together, enjoy the time as a couple, be affectionate and take care of each other. Children also have responsibilities in the family, that is, they must be respectful of their parents, sincere and willing to help them when they ask, in turn, they have responsibilities with their brothers, respect, and fraternity. In turn, they commit to their friends whom they must care for and love and cultivate that friendship with the small gestures of each day. If you have the Moon in Capricorn, the ascendant in this sign and Saturn doing conjunction with the Sun/Moon or Ascendant is important to take into account all the above as part of your evolution work. The signs that can be seen most mobilized by this full moon are Capricorn, Cancer, Virgo, Taurus, Libra, Aries, Scorpio and Pisces. What other things we can do to be able to make Thanksgiving, a family encounter, emotionally loving! To recognize is to do justice to what they do or how others behave; To be grateful is to express our satisfaction at what we receive from others and to express to them our desire to reciprocate. Recognizing is an act of justice; thanking is an act of goodwill. Not recognizing the merit of others is an injustice; not to be grateful, it is a lack of kindness. Gratitude must arise spontaneously and as a natural impulse or tendency, to thank for the good treatment received, the attention is given or the favorable action taken. Moreover, the aforementioned feelings of recognition and appreciation are also not contrary or incompatible. Normally, the appreciation is followed by the previous recognition that, even if it is deserved, does not always get a positive response. Recognizing the merit of others is an example of bonhomy and absence of envy, for this is a feeling of anger and sadness that the person suffers for not having something that another possesses and that, when it is pathological, it consists not of wanting that «one does better» but that «the other is v aya worse.» He who gives must not remember again, but the recipient must never forget. That’s why for Lao Tse, «gratitude is the memory of the heart.» In short, being recognized pleases and makes pride; be grateful honors us. If you are interested in reading other articles in English you can do it by clicking HERE.