With the FULL MOON keep in mind that: It is the right time for activities that involve groups and promote solidarity. This is the time for consistent, long-term effects. It is the period of materialization of the efforts made in the past. Now it’s all in its fullness. It is time to make known the important decisions, to make the projects public, that is, to bring to light everything that we carry inside, to make our feelings known. It’s a good stage to leave behind what’s already concluded, but it’s not good for starting anything new. It drives us to decide when something is definitely over, a relationship, a job, a situation. Births are more likely at this stage of the moon. It is also a good time to start a love, a courtship or get married, but considering that the best days are the 2 days before the full moon. It corresponds to the 14th day of the lunar phase. Medicinal plants collected during this period are thought to provide greater efficacy. Conversely, pruning trees at this stage is not recommended because they may die. In case of injury, wounds have been observed to tend to bleed more persistently. Moreover, midnight is considered the ideal time for every request. Everything that was stimulated on the New Moon and realized on the Rising Moon reaches its maximum development. During this phase you will feel more in need of social or mental expansion. People are more receptive, social relationships become more favorable.The full moon phase favors communication If you want something to be highly commented, disclosed and known, perform it eight hours before or after this phase. The full moon day is usually marked by a great movement, excitement, joy and expansion of the masses in general. If you want to know more about activities i’m going to do in the United States, particularly in Los Angeles, you can follow me on Instagram click HERE.

On Thursday, December 12, the Full Moon will be in the sign of Gemini: This lunar aspect affects roles, contracts, studies and communications. If the Moon is growing the influence is positive; If it’s waning, it’s negative. During this expectation there is much talk but little consolidation. There are many external influences affecting every event. Geminian energy invites us to communicate, to share with others our ideas, thoughts and emotions, to tell things. These days are lively, there are laughter and a sense of humor and a certain superficiality in the contacts and comments. When the Moon is in Gemini, it is common to change moods, flexibility, sociability, activity are characteristic. The speed of thought, vanity, increases the desire to do many things at once. This Moon favors or promotes contract signings, removals and short trips. are good days for reading, but there is no concentration for study. This period is good for dealing with intellectual work, searching, gathering and processing information, short travel, and negotiations. Manual work, DIY and domestic arts such as weaving are favored. It’s a good time to take part in workshops and conferences. They can also buy books, newspapers, magazines and all kinds of quick and light reading. It is useful for performing all kinds of physical exercise for the flexibility of the shoulders, arms, especially outdoors in the fresh air. Now is the time to discuss family relationships, write mail to family members and talk by chat. They are good days to enjoy in the company of friends. These days are optimal for growing climbing plants. It’s good these days to take care of the care and beauty of our hands. In the body metabolism and breathing are activated. Surgical intervention is not recommended in the shoulder, arm, wrist, lungs, bronchi area. It is the ideal time to perform rituals that help communication, changes of residence, writing, public relations activities and travel. Now now! If we return to the slogan of this Full Moon in Gemini which is to work emotional communication; taking a look from Astrological Coaching; Let me explain What is Emotional Communication?: Emotional communication refers to the process of using messages to exchange information, understand and influence the emotional states of others. Messages can be direct verbal and nonverbal expressions of emotion. Currently, with the advancement of neuroscience and its applications, emotional communication could be framed within the so-called NeuroCommunication, in terms of personal communication. Being able to interpret what someone is trying to tell us, whether verbally or not verbally, is a very important social skill that helps us relate more effectively. So we are helping a friend to cope with a stressful situation or convincing an employer to give us a pay raise, we must be able to evaluate the situation, adapt as necessary throughout the course of the interaction. Finally we must be ready to face some kind of situation or resolution. If our friend seems to feel better as a result of our reassuring words, then we will need to know when it’s OK to stop providing peace of mind. If our employer doesn’t seem to be in the mood to talk about that increase, we’ll need to perceive it and leave the conversation for another opportune time. If you want to know more about activities i’m going to do in the United States, particularly in Los Angeles, you can follow me on Instagram click HERE.

What would happen in the commercial area?, for example: The customer will buy and the seller will feel good not only for the sale, but also for the quality of the interaction that preceded it. Customers with little emotional capacity will have difficulty relying on a seller, particularly one whose own emotional capacity is on the low side of the spectrum. When a customer has great emotional capacity but the seller does not, the customer will feel that all the seller cares about is making a sale and will resist that seller’s persuasive attempts.

And in the couple?: When we and our partner are good at sending and receiving emotional signals, our timing will be very good, no doubt. However, if we have a great emotional ability and our partner does not (or vice versa), there will be times when we will both get frustrated. If neither is particularly strong in that emotional intelligence, there will be many difficult times ahead and the relationship probably won’t stand the test of time. These are just a few examples of cases where we need to be able to read other people’s feelings to communicate effectively. There are countless occasions, on a daily basis, when we and the people with whom we interact communicate and «read» the feelings of others consciously or not. The more conscious and better we do, the more satisfying those interactions will be. Our ability to read our own emotions and those of others will certainly help us a lot in our relationship lives.

If you want to know more about activities i’m going to do in the United States, particularly in Los Angeles, you can follow me on Instagram click HERE.